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EVENT - August 2021 - World Photography Day Competition

Entries are invited for street photography shots. Post your best shot and you stand a chance to win our montly prize. Artful pictues from both mobile and DSLR would be acceptable. The winner would get Rs1000/-. cash prize and Runner Up would earn 500/- Preferred mode of payment is Paytm or Google Pay. Thanks! and Happy Photography.


  • All photographs must be users original work
  • The pictures must only contain street photography shots
  • The shots must not be edited
  • No filters must be applied to the original image
  • Images from DSLR's and mobile cameras are allowed
  • The images must be less than 3 MB in size
  • Participants who do not abide to above rules would be disqualified

  • Active From: 2021-08-01 Ends On: 2021-08-31