Help - Events and Competitions

Events and Competitions Help

Events menu on the website is used to check for current or past events and competitions that are/were in progress. To participate in any of the events users are required to

  • First register and login into Artpic
  • From Settings page, Subscribe to contests must be checked inorder to receive competition details
  • To participate in any competition, you need to click on Chillout where all your events and competitions would be listed
  • Users must read the rules for the competiions and then
  • Click on Agree to Rules and Participate button
  • Entries for competitions could be submitted here
  • Note unless specified you must only enter one image for each competition along with required details
  • In case the users submit more than a single entry only first entry would be considered
  • All entries for each competition are moderated by moderators
  • On successful moderation for your entry, the image will be listed in selected entries in Events page of Artpic

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