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It wasn’t a coincidence

Posted on 2020-09-09, by Rahul

It wasn’t a coincidence. That time was really what I needed.

God dammit this is awful! My laptop wouldn’t start on Friday. It scanned the hard drive five times giving me an error message and The blue screen of death was flashing on my face. I mediately called my office infra team. I told them about the laptop and they asked me to bring it over to the office. In COVID situation it was a damn risky situation to go to the office and meet the IT personal for getting my laptop repaired. I quickly hurried with the laptop on my back & out on my bike to the office. It was going to rain and I did not want to get wet nor make my laptop wet. I could not stop and I had to go as it was my job. I had to start working on my assignment. I was working as an unwilling coder being forcefully asked to write the automation scripts. Well I said to myself that’s fine it’s Friday today I may atleast get a break and rest for the day and let the IT people complete the work on my laptop.

On Monday at 6 PM... 6:15 PM I was busy fidgeting with my cell phone trying to find out whether the internet was still available to use. I had around 2GB of internet every day. Heck! I said to myseldf I just utilised my entire internet. Prior to that I was using my fathers net from The beginning of the day till late in the afternoon and it was obviously exhausted. Then I consumed the internet from my better halfs mobile too.

With that bloody formatting of the laptop I received the plane OS installed by the IT team. They had kept the updates turned on and that sucked up the internet packs. Jeez I murmured- What am I gonna do now. I had more hours to work because of the Fridays leave - I was left to spend more hours on Monday to complete my pending stuff But since I did not have any other device to access the net I was helpless. With that said I closed my work desk early that day feeling freaked out and less filled with energy. I just got a wash and dressed myself into comfortable clothes and went downstairs towards my family.

My son and daughter they were more delighted to see me so early. My daughter asked father are you doing with your work I said yeah slightly un happy I kept on walking to the kitchen where my wife was cooking dinner for us. She looked at me and said Oh ..are you done with your work ? Or are you still gonna work? I replied well I’m done for the day today but I wish I could have some more time. The net... I said - the net pack got exhausted. In fact the net pack from my father‘s cell phone , your cell phone and my sister ‘s cell phone have expired too My wife she kept working I did not show me any signs of discussion, I moved back to the hall. So the kids were there and they were really really happy to see me he said he kids what’s up what you guys doing? My son asked me dada, let’s play football indoors. Initially reluctant I agreed and then we started playing football in an unusual manner we had three goals one for my daughter one for my son and one for myself the game was very very very exciting. I realised The data have some time that I haven’t played this much with my kids and that too without any tension. Dinner is ready let’s go to have diner, I told the kids. That days dinner was looking beautiful and mouthwatering. I felt it waa waiting for us. We all had dinner and it was pretty early like 9 o’clock that we had finished our dinner. Experiences that this was after a long time we playing and having dinner together To my surprise many of the family members were not with their cell phones it looked as if it was dying lying on the table like a dead log of wood.

Turned on the TV - It intermediately played movie I liked stop them everybody in the family started to watch the movie with me we were all laughing and talking about the movie. It was the movie that we had seen a couple of years before. We talked a lot and laughed a lot with no cell phones in our hands we were looking at the faces of each other. No distractions nothing nothing. I realised that it had been sometime that I had such a luxury time spent with my family.


This is crazy to me but a much better idea than an ideal day. By 11 we were in bed and I was reading bedtime stories to my kids. I felt like it was an awesome vacation with thwm. It wasnt over yet and I was thinking why can’t I have such vacations every day. It would be so good if we were not digital slaves. Slaves to these digital technologies. I usually do not like to live a plastic life... do you?

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