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IT Industry That Indian Perspective

Posted on 2021-02-19, by ruby

IT industry one small Indian Perspective from many others

So the story starts in early 2004 when two friends started their career one as a agri professional
and the other as an IT engineer. After years they met in a restaurant for a lunch and Vikram the IT
engineer guy , a handsome person I knew started to tell about his career and a story. It wasn’t as
exciting as I thought it would be. That changed my perspective towards the IT job and industry as a
whole. His life was changed by the IT job totally. I have known Vikram from his childhood and we
were friends back in college days too . He was an enthusiastic, jolly and intelligent person. He used
to play cricket and badminton and other sports for his college and was a thorough sportsman.

As our conversation progressed I came to know from Vikram Vikram that his IT career wasn’t as
glorious as I thought it to be now that he was promoted in the new job at a very good position but
his life still sucked. Vikram told me that IT which he thought was something very good to construct,
innovate and create some new things from his programming experience and stuff that he learnt
during the college days was not exactly the job of his dreams after almost 18 years in the IT
industry he was feeling that He had held sand in his hands which was running out.
Vikram told me that his job was very demanding and has had him consume his health he said that
he was suffering from diabetes hypertension BP and some other such ailments. I couldn’t believe
that a person who was a sportsperson and very active physically till the age of 36 years could have
been a diabetic by the age of 40.
IT Jobs were in boom during the period he started and my career with the agri industry was a
simple one although now I was far more settled and happy than what I feel Vikram was that day. Is
it a myth that IT industry was full of opportunities..

I have always known Vikram as a sincere person and in his career and he was very dedicated
towards his work and his profession I learnt he always completed every other assignment on time
and was really innovative on the floor. Then what happened that he was so silent and occupied by
diseases so early in life.
From Vikram I came to know that the early days of his IT industry were very demanding he worked
almost 18 hours a day keeping up with the schedules and tight deadlines of the Job. He told me
that Indian people mostly neglect their health during their primary IT days. That’s one mistake that
he did.
Life‘s a bitch and you just can’t go bitching around in the IT industry forever. You have to keep
learning and updating yourself the fashion for certifications and posting them on LinkedIn and
other platforms is in vogue now. He mentioned
But there are people who do all this stuff and still succeed. Their aim is simply come into the office

please their bosses have cigarettes with them, throwing out parties for them and maintaining a
good rappo with them.
And I know that Vikram never drank or smoked he was not drawn to all these kinds of vices.
Although he had good relations with all his managers and they know that he was a very hardworking
person nevertheless smart working person because he had developed a lot of his own
processes and software is which were utilised by the management for various reasons.
When the time came for promotions he was mostly kept on bay and neglected. Per Vikram, he
Introspected this position and still couldn’t find out of valid reason for such things. His talks with
his managers and bosses was futile. Their reasons were hilarious, and they said that they had
certain rules for promotions and although his performance was up to the mark but they could not
promote him , because if they wanted to promote him they would have to promote the people who
got recruited along with him together. Vikram said that was pretty strange reason to me. For the
next three years he spent in the company without promotion and being giving all these silly

I believe you should have quit the job then asked me - I asked Vikram , why did you not leave the
job that did not satisfy you me told me that he tried leaving the job and even got good offers and
opportunities from other companies but then this company senior people told him that he was
supposed to travel to client side and so he should better stay with them so that he will get a
chance and knowing Vikram I know he was a traveller at heart And I knew for this reason Vikram
stayed with them.
Years went by and the situation become worse altgough he did get promoted twice or thrice in the
same company but the managers that were there before a few good people had left the company
and assholes had now been appointed in their places those who were not managerially capable
from other department as he put it . They were some of the worst years of his life for Vikram he did
all the work just slogged around for 15 to 17 hours a day, there was no time of work - any time any
person would be called for any work. New joinees and Ladies were preferred in the job they were
sent on site even if they did not have the experience for six months to 1 year and that really pissed
him off. The bosses started treating Vikram and other seniors on the floor and his company as their
servants demanding anything to be done. There was favouritism on the floor. Quite an irony where
intelligence should be preferred over such “chaaploos giri”. Well that was a trend and is still a trend
in the IT companies. Vikram told me the details about this and even a couple of my friends who
were in different IT industries told me about this. Now I understand this kind of activities happen in
all the industries but it’s very stupid to know that capable people are being held from promotions
and such “chaatu” people get promoted just because they are keeping their boss satisfied with
different tricks and tips.
In my further talks with Vikram I came to know that how much stress Vikram has had been during
the last three years . While he eventually left his job got on to another job where he performed well
and did all the things that were asked to him.
He almost worked for 12 to 16 hours there as well.
He said here he still isnt on permanent role despite his two year plus working. Beside under the
name of Covid his employer has reduced his salary by almost 50% - How cheap is that I felt, these
so called IT industry owners try to squeeze every ounce of money from their employees and it
looked to me as if they were happy doing that. Another, New thing I heard from him was individual
contributors which meant the person had to do all that was asked regardless of position he was
contributors which meant the person had to do all that was asked regardless of position he was
recruited for. What a shame!! These firms should understand that they are asking engineers to
administer patients . What a joke - if they are asking them and expecting them to do all the things.
WTF!! I felt better off in agri industry although I did not express that. During the course of his switch he came to know that he had got diabetes and other things which
was very unfortunate to hear about such a brilliant brain. Such a nice person had been a victim of
the dreaded IT industry. I really feel pity on these IT professionals and those bosses who really
don’t admire and listen or identify the skills of their employees they treat the other employees as
shit and only treat those employees who praise them , go out for parties with them. This isn’t just
the case only with his company, the so called IT majors have such kind of phenomena on their floor
too. This I have come to know from my friends who work in such companies even in so those Tatas
Ambanis or anybody’s they can’t really control this kind of thing. It’s deeply infused into the system
this is corruption which I feel the Government should be working on. Anyways, if its not so bad for
that industry the trend might continue. For today my illusions for this industry have shattered for
good. The praise for their white collared jobs is no longer there. Conversely in the agricultural
industry I know in India you need to work and put efforts early on during your career. I worked hard
for a few years and I quickly got promoted. No fuss like IT industry has and my boss had given me
a car as well the salary which is on par if not better than my friends after all these years.
Oh! And did I mention I work during the day 9-6 and spend quality time with my family.


Jobs will come and go - Your health should be a prime concern for you. This is a third party write up (Fictional too)

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