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Apple iPhone Designs

Posted on 2019-09-19, by Rahul

Well well another year and a new iPhone is launched.

Welcome to Artpic! Today we are going to discuss about the new design of iPhone. The iPhone 11 was recently launched on September 10, 2019 and guess what it is just another Iteration of previous generation iPhone. The previous generation iPhones have the same block design which we are seeing in the new version. The only difference is the hardware.

I have been a fan of Apple’s hardware from the iPhone4 days. Apple iPhone has always been consistent performer and It was a game changer when it comes to their hardware . The new chip A13 Bionic promises to take mobile computing to a new limit a new level. The four core GPU inside the iPhone 11 max is nothing short of phenomenal the sheer amount of processing power that it can achieve from computerisation and graphics performance on excels in all the departments. It promises gaming to a whole new level the 3-D rendering and we are capabilities of the new chip in iPhone 11 promises that the users would be mesmerised with the experience. That said the design of the new iPhone has disappointed me . I was expecting something like a breakthrough design from Apple this year but it didn’t happen there is still hope for improvement from them on this department. Although the three camera setup at the back of the iPhone promises good photography , it looks ugly. Flushed lenses anyone? I hate the bump at the back. They have that notch in the front of the phone. I would love a full screen at the front without notches.

The design of iphone 5s must return. Look at those cool round buttons for volume adjustment. I dont think anyone except Apple did that classy design. I feel that was all sexy and way too classy. Apple somehow lost that design race. They should have done more radical designs coming up - They have the tools of the trade they have the expertise. They can deliver.

Enjoy a few images that are taken from 2016 version of iPhone 7 Plus with Focos


To conclude I have been using Apple since a long time now I own a few Apple iPhones they are just marvellous devices. However now Apple needs to bring back the shiny new design and give its customers a surprise gift in 2020. They must design a whole new iPhone with all those rounded buttons featuring some latest technology that would give us a punch! to get in the queue to get the new device. I sure hope and wish that Apple does that next year.

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