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Can this be a new iphone design

Posted on 2020-01-04, by Rahul

Apple iPhone needs a new design. FANTA-REALISTICALLY !!

Can there be a real radical new iphone design? Can we expect Apple to go all the way and design a phone that is all out totally different than what we have in the market.. The new iphone could utilize a new incline design with least bezels. Now I am not a big fan of the punch holes in the screen or I dont want to have the cut screens.In my opinion they arent professional designs

iPhones are a novely, they are something that is out of the world. A product that is designed exclusively for exclusive people. I havent seen exclusive designs from Apple after the iphone 5s

The new concepts need to be bold. They need to go out of the way and do things they were once famous for ... doing things differently without the fear of people in general. That is their USP. That is what makes Apple different.

This difference in their product design and new concepts keeps the interest in the people going on in queue to buy their products.

I dont ask Apple to look at other companies but they need to innovate their own products in a new way. Choose what nobody else chooses to do. The block designs are good. I would like their new cameras to flush with their bodies. The protruding camera lenses is so 2016 . In 2020 they must come up with new better designs that are bold enough to keep interest of people like me.


Innovate Apple.. not just the hardware wise. I know you are years ahead in hardware its the phone design that needs to change. The lens protrusion must cease to exist. And no notches please

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