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Covid 19 is here to slay!

Posted on 2020-05-12, by Rahul

Covid-19 the pandemic that has threatened every nation of the world.

Although it’s been observed that mankind is facing a terrible catastrophic disease every hundred years or so this time it is in 2020 that we are witnessing such a pandemic spread. As for as the historical records go we have witnessed this last time in 1920 then and 1820 and before that in 1720 for a record of this kind of catastrophe .

It’s been five months and more than that that Covid 19 striking the entire world with its terror. Advanced countries like America Italy France and Britain they are facing the wrath of the virus that has alarmed all the governments of the world. The coronavirus is not just a threat to mankind but it is a threat to the existence of all the creatures of the world it is not only found in humans but it is also found in animal is now. The coronavirus is the virus that attacks the people’s with less solid immune system and makes them susceptible to flu like symptoms. Sometimes when I think about Covid 19 situation the corona virus is something that I never dreamt of. It’s a situation that feels so unreal to the world and world is still facing the consequences of something like Human experiments on other creatures . In India, Covid 19 is a relatively new threat from the last two mon in ths we are in lock down almost 60 days have gone now. The government of India has done a brilliant job of keeping all the people at home this has reduced the risk of the virus spread like wild fire. but people are facing the consequences of the situation already-lots of jobs have lost poor people who are working on daily wages they are facing the heat of the situation there have lost their capacity to earn and indirectly they are not able to feed themselves and their families. There are other people with relatively smaller businesses who are facing the brunt again the bob a small shopkeepers paper news man magazine person the person who are selling food all of them have lost their capacity to all these days because of the virus nobody is able to go out of their homes and thereby all kind of transactions are to a standstill we cannot do anything banking is very much limited online transactions are totally stopped buy online transactions I mean ordering food online ordering shopping stuff online everything has been stopped as there are no commutations.

So what are the solutions for us now- 1. stay at home and Obey the lock down period, well this is very very essential for us because unless we are into lock down we cannot stop the spread of this virus. We don’t have a cure only we can keep the disease at bay by some known antibiotics and drugs period. Well this virus is so dangerous that you can only understand the extent of its harm by knowing that so dar 37,00,000 people all over the world have been affected by this virus and more than 2,50,000 people are dead. So prevention is better than cure is one of the saying is that we have from our old times and this goes well today as well- 1. so wash your hands daily and 2. to wear a mask 3. keep yourself sanitised 4. maintain social distancing 5. People with weekend system is 6. specially kids and the older people need to stay at home. They need special attention from the other aged people.

So it’s a situation where no government can help their people it’s a difficult one to tackle even American government or the most powerful nations most developed nations of the world cannot help the spread of this virus. Since there is no vaccine we should always try to protect ourselves in this situation. Try to improve your immune system by keeping is yourself safe and not falling sick. Do not consume food items or bro bridges that make you sick. Another thing I would like to suggest is that you do some exercises some meditation to keep your mind out of anxiety of the situation to manage the fear that it has imbibed in our minds. Exercises would help you stay fit period so with that I would like to and my small article blog and I would request you guys to stay safe stay home.

Stay Home Stay safe


Its just the begining of this pandemic and the virus already has started mutating. WHO says that it will continue its spread across the globe at a very alarming pace. And unless we have a vaccine to control it - We are at the mercy of lock-down, social distancing and self quarntine.

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