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The Patient

Posted on 2020-09-05, by Rahul

Seeing the first Covid 19 patient was an experience in iteself. Scary! I'ld say.

Okay... so on that day it was the first time that we encountered a Covid patient. Yes you heard that right it was a cold rainy night. I was out for shopping with my sister and we were purchasing stuff. There were people in the mall and also collecting the needed items. We had to use Siri which was of the hospital I ambulance and I just happened to move out of the mall to see who was in it. Okay said the driver hurry up! I saw a patient being left and inside the ambulance with four different people around the patient covered in white disposable dresses and a helmet covering their entire face and masks. I haven’t seen such a scene for quite some time apart from the movies. I was only thinking what it might be the ambulance was also very different I ambulance.

It was open from behind with no doors to my surprise I thought that it was a different vehicle for later I found out that they were carrying a COVID-19 patient.

Finding another patient sent chills down my spine needless to say my sister was really scared and worried she asked us to hurry up without getting the needed groceries and other stuff. This scenario made me think of the millions of people in the current date that are infected with this deadly virus. It is and a coincidence that so many of the people were infected by the virus within such a short span of time. It had to be something something deadly some kind of a suspicious activity that has been forced upon mankind under the name of a flu. This wasn’t happening it wasn’t real was , this stuff just blew my mind.

I couldn’t imagine anything else apart from just thinking about the lives of these patients. The relatives of the patient were in deep shock not to mention the trouble that they were going through they were summoned and asked to report to the hospital immediately. They had to undergo the test themselves and find out whether they have any chance of not having the deadly virus. Such things were now happening more commonly than before & the small town of Nagpur now the cases had risen to 34,000+ The incident of the Covid patient left both of us speechless. We were thinking about the situation and the mindset that these people suffering with a disease might be going through. It’s not just disturbing to see this it’s annoying that people are still not being careful for this disease.

They are not wearing their masks that are prescribed by the Government and they are not maintaining social distancing anymore it’s been six months now and everything has been relaxed and meets the rising number of cases for COVID-19. After returning home we had to clean ourselves very well , we had to clean all the stuff purchased and also have to take bath and put our clothes into the anti septic and get them washed. Fear was the only thing that was in the back of our mind. The constant fear of contacting someone with Covid 19 was more traumatising than anything else.


The only thing that can now help all is a nice lock down for a few days. Although I agree that it isnt the solution for COVID 19 however it has to be done. Other things that I think needs to be done is that people need to protect themselves up. The experience of merely seeing a Covid patient was really scary. What if one has to be in the hospital... purely Scary!

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