GH6 is coming before 2021 ends

Posted on 2021-05-29 22:23:10 , by News Service

Panasonic is going to launch GH6 in another six months and they promised they released before the year 2021 ends. GH6 is going to be an exciting announcement for the micro 4/3 users. Along with the GH6 we will also be seeing new lenses 25 to 50 MM lens for the micro 4/3 mount

When rumors started growing about the announcement of the Panasonic GH5 Mark II – which was launched in a double announcement with the GH6 – there were fears that we may never see a true successor to the GH5, particularly as the latter arrived way back in January 2017.

But now the Panasonic GH6 is official, how is the camera shaping up and who is it for? It seems that Panasonic is targeting different people with the GH5 Mark II and GH6. While the GH5 Mark II is a more budget option for YouTubers and live-streamers, the GH6 is aimed at keen amateur filmmakers or professionals who need serious video power in a small body.

The GH6 will be powered by a new high-speed sensor and processor. It should have better weather sealing than the GH5 II




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