Rumoured Nikon ZFC Retro Styled Camera

Posted on 2021-06-20 20:25:41 , by News Service


Rumoured Nikon ZFC Retro Styled Camera . This is rumoured to be announced on June 28, 2021

  • Model name: Zfc (or ZFC or Z-Fc) – not sure what the Zfc stands for – “F Classic” maybe? The Zfc will be basically an APS-C-based Z-mount version of the Df camera (maybe it will just be called Nikon Zf – it makes more sense to me). In previous blog posts, I have referred to this camera as the Z30.
  • Nikon Z-mount APS-C mirrorless camera.
  • The technical specifications will be very close to the Nikon Z50.
  • Very thin camera body without a handgrip.
  • Nikon Df-inspired design with mechanical dials and articulating screen (“selfie screen”).
  • Shape and handling similar to old Nikon FM cameras.
  • Three different colors are rumored: silver, black, and brown (leather?)
  • Price with kit lens: $999.
  • The new APS-C mirrorless lenses for Z-mount could be named “SE”: 28mm f/2.8 and/or 35mm f/1.8 (kit lens).
  • The new DX lenses will not be retro, will have the familiar Nikkor Z design.
  • Official announcement expected on June 28 (as previously reported: announcement expected in the first half of 2021).
  • The other date I heard is July 31 – I think this is the actual shipping date.

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