Olympus E-M1X Mark II Coming on 2022

Posted on 2021-06-20 20:37:35 , by News Service

Olympus E-M1X Mark II Coming on 2022

Still interested in the new Olympus that's going to come. After all Olympus parted ways from its camera business and sold everything to JIP technologies this is the first big news for Olympus as a camera manufacturer or say JIP as camera manufacturer Olympus to bring a new firmware update to the E-M1 X camera in June as per the latest rumors we have from rumor mills. In general, we have seen that the only big reason camera makers bring any major firmware update to older models since they are still not prepared to announce the new one yet. So, it’s very clear that if a major firmware update arrives for the EM1X Camera the Olympus E-M1X Mark II Camera announcement will be delayed to 2022.



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