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Posted on 2021-09-20 , by News Service

Are you EXCITED! I am excited for the release of iOS 15 to a host of supported Apple devices today. The update will be release starting 10:30pm India time tonight and this one is a shiny new iOS. I am truely excited about the release for iPadOS though. It is a very capable device and should not be crippled and constrained. This update will bring it on par with iPhone OS .sort of. What level of customizations I would prefer is at Android level. 

Wouldnt it be great to have an interface customization like apple watch skins for the iphone or ipad home screen or other screens there for. That would make the device sooo much more cooler and that might be the first in an OS. But looks like they are thinking in other terms like security which is essential however, the snazzier the interface, the funky it would look. 

I love customization and flexibility of Android in this case. Well with that said Apple updates are always what I have been looking forward to all these days. 

With iOS 15 you can  -  

SharePlay: Watch together
Bring movies and TV shows into your FaceTime calls and enjoy a rich, real-time connection with your friends while watching the same content.*

Shared with You
Content sent to you over Messages automatically appears in a new Shared with You section in the corresponding app, so you can enjoy it when it’s convenient for you. Shared with You will be featured in Photos, Safari, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and the Apple TV app.

Customise your Memoji with over 40 outfit choices to reflect your style, mood or the season — and choose up to three different colours. Show it off using Memoji stickers with expressive body language that include the upper body.

Match your devices to your mindset with Focus. Automatically filter notifications based on what you’re currently doing. Turn on Do Not Disturb to switch everything off, or choose from a provided Focus for work, personal time, sleep, fitness, mindfulness, gaming, reading or driving.
New look for notifications
Notifications have a fresh new look, with contact photos for people and larger icons for apps.

Interactive globe
Discover the natural beauty of Earth with a rich and interactive 3D globe, including significantly enhanced details for mountain ranges, deserts, forests, oceans and more.1

Detailed new city experience
Explore cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and London with unprecedented detail for elevation, roads, trees, buildings, landmarks and more. Road details like turn lanes and crosswalks and 3D views for complex interchanges help you navigate.3

New driving features
A new dedicated driving map highlights details like traffic and incidents, and a route planner lets you view your upcoming journey by choosing a future departure or arrival time.

All-new place cards
Completely redesigned place cards make it easy to find and interact with important information for businesses, explore details about cities and learn about physical features like mountain ranges.

Editorially curated Guides Home
It’s now easier to discover great places with the all-new Guides Home, an editorially curated destination where you can find Guides for places you’ll love.

Improved search
When looking for places like restaurants, you can filter your search results by cuisine or whether they offer takeout. Or you can choose to see only places that are open right now. When you move the map while searching, Maps automatically updates your search results.

User account
Maps users can now find their most used settings all in one place, including their preferred mode of transit, reported issues, favourites and more.

Redesigned Maps contributions
With an all-new design, it’s faster and easier to report an issue in Maps.

Home keys
Add home keys to Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch, then simply tap to unlock a compatible HomeKit door lock for seamless access to your home. 4

Live Text1
Live Text in photos
Text is now completely interactive in all your photos, so you can use functions like copy and paste, lookup and translate. Live Text works in Photos, Screenshot, Quick Look and Safari, and in live previews with Camera.

Rich results
Brings together all the information you’re looking for in one rich result. Available for contacts, actors, musicians, movies and TV shows.

Memories: Apple Music
In addition to the hundreds of newly included songs, Apple Music subscribers can add any of the tens of millions of songs from the Apple Music library to enjoy on their devices.

Share health data with others
Share your health data with people important to you or those who are caring for you. Choose which data and trends to share, including heart health, activity, lab results, vitals, Medical ID, cycle tracking and more.

Mail Privacy Protection
Mail Privacy Protection helps protect your privacy by preventing email senders from learning information about your Mail activity. If you choose to turn it on, it hides your IP address so senders can’t link it to your other online activity or determine your location. And it prevents senders from seeing if you’ve opened their email.

App Privacy Report
A section in Settings lets you see how often apps have accessed your location, photos, camera, microphone and contacts during the last 7 days. It also shows you which apps have contacted other domains and how recently they have contacted them. This is a good complement to an app’s privacy label, so you can be sure you’re comfortable with how it’s treating your privacy.6

Siri (Gets major updates)
On-device speech processing
The audio of your requests is now processed entirely on your iPhone unless you choose to share it. The power of the Apple Neural Engine enables speech recognition models with the same high quality as server-based speech recognition.7

On-device personalisation
Siri speech recognition and understanding improve as you use your device. Siri learns the contacts you interact with most, new words you type and topics you read about — all privately on your device.8

Offline support
Siri can now process many types of requests offline without an Internet connection, including Timers & Alarms, Phone, Messaging, Sharing, App Launch, Control Audio Playback and Settings.7

Fast on-device processing
Processing on device means that Siri is incredibly fast.

Apple ID
Account Recovery Contacts
Choose one or more people you trust to become an Account Recovery Contact to help you reset your password and regain access to your account.


Supported Devices : 

  1. iPhone 13
  2. iPhone 13 Mini
  3. iPhone 13 Pro
  4. iPhone 13 Pro Max
  5. iPhone 12
  6. iPhone 12 Mini
  7. iPhone 12 Pro
  8. iPhone 12 Pro Max
  9. iPhone 11
  10. iPhone 11 Pro
  11. iPhone 11 Pro Max
  12. iPhone XS
  13. iPhone XS Max
  14. iPhone XR
  15. iPhone X
  16. iPhone 8
  17. iPhone 8 Plus
  18. iPhone 7
  19. iPhone 7 Plus
  20. iPhone 6S
  21. iPhone 6S Plus
  22. iPhone SE (first and second generation)
  23. iPod Touch (seventh generation)

So all these 23 devices are gonna get this update. I am sure you are as exicited asI am. Will come up with details in another post. 

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George Williams commented on 2021-10-01 18:45:18

This is cool and cheeky

John commented on 2021-09-20 15:30:32

Anxious for this