iOS 15.1 Coming Soon

Posted on 2021-10-16 , by News Service

So it looks like iOS 15.1 releases eminent stop with a lot of bugs found in iOS 15 it has been now rumoured that iOS 15.1 would be released soon to the public. Currently iOS 15.1 is in beta stage beta 4 to be precise and is suspected to be released by October 25. Just after one of the events that Apple is going to hold for release of its new MacBook products 

iOS 15.1 is supposed to fix a lot of bugs that people have been reporting in the previous version of the OS namely unlocking your iPhone from my Apple Watch and unlocking issues make up of phone issues and other issues. although iOS 15 was a huge success for the iPhone and the iPad os 15 was also tremendous hit but the bugs that were there are really daunting for the customers. Apple is going to provide the fixes in iOS 15.1 release so let's stay back and see what else it has to offer. Also expected is a couple of new features that Apple is going to bundle with iOS 15.1

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