Apple iPone 14 Pro rumoured to have titanium frame

Posted on 2021-10-11 , by News Service

for the next iPhone pro max 14 it's rumored that it is going to have titanium case or body we think that it could just have the titanium borders . Titanium is a strong metal three times stronger than steel and its lighter than steel also expected is the notch size to be removed just a small cut off of there for the new phones. And the sensors LIDR could be under the screen.

That would make the pro models a llittle lighter than the current ones. Also the rear camera might be flushed to the body no ordinary feet that would be considering the number of elements that go into the lenses these days. Also  we think that it would be great if Apple could bring back those round buttons for volume up and down to the phone. They are so classy and no other phone than Apple provided those beautiful round buttons.  It is expected that new iPhones would hit the market next year somewhere around September . we would say that you should still get this with a pinch of salt

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