Olympus launches the EM5 Mark III

Posted on 2019-10-17 15:56:00 , by News Service

Olympus launches the EM5 Mark III after a gap of more than 4 years . The 20mp sensor is the same as that found in the more expensive E-M1 Mark II, and E-M1X. This should give the same high image quality, and with built-in phase detection pixels (121 AF points), all cross-type, the focus speeds should be just as quick as these cameras (or near). The sensor also features an anti-reflective coating. Some may be wondering why Olympus hasn’t introduced a higher resolution sensor, however, with Nikon releasing the 20mp Nikon Z50, 20mp is likely enough resolution for a lot of people. Olympus also has the built-in multi-shot high-res mode that can produce 50mp images (of still subjects), in-camera. The camera has an updated AF system, for faster and more precise focusing on moving subjects, using the Auto-focus system from EM-1 II. There’s also improved low-light performance, thanks to improved AF sensitivity. You can set the focus tracking to the centre (start), or centre priority focus, as well as choose between 5 point, 9 point, 25 point, and 121 point AF options. However, it doesn’t feature the same intelligent tracking as the E-M1X, so it doesn’t feature plane, train and automobile tracking options. It still features AF tracking, but without the dedicated subject selection modes. 5-axis Image Stabilisation The camera’s 5-axis image stabilisation system moves the sensor to compensate for movement, and this has also been improved since the E-M5 Mark II, with 5.5EV steps body only (vs 5 stops on the E-M5 II), and up to 6.5EV steps with sync-IS on the 12-100mm f/4 lens. The IS system is now smaller than the previous version. The system allows for hand-held night shots. Video courtsey: youtube by Steven Huff Photos

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