Rumored 5 new canon RF lenses to be announced this year

Posted on 2020-05-10 19:18:49 , by News Service

5 unreleased RF lenses show up again for certification There’s nothing really new here, but once again we see 5 unreleased lenses show up for certification according to Nokishita. We suspect at least one of them is the RF 100-500 f/4-7.1L IS USM. None of these lens SKUs are for the new RF teleconverters either. Unreleased Canon Lens SKUs (One of these SKUs is the RF 100-500): 3986C005 3987C005 4112C005 4113C005 4114C005 4234C005 We expect to see at least 4 lenses announced before August of this year. [2] A Canon RF 70-135mm f/2L USM gets a mention [CR1] An unknown source is claiming that Canon is actively testing an RF 70-135mm f/2L USM with a very small group of photographers and videographers. The same source claims that this lens will be announced in Q4 of 2020. With IBIS coming on the Canon EOS R6 and Canon EOS R5, it makes sense to leave IS out of this lens design, anything to save a bit of size and weight will be welcomed.

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